Soulful Psalms



Soulful Psalms was birthed purely by accident.  Although they have always had a love for the Word of God and for sharing it with others, they never imagined doing so in such a unique and powerful way.

It all began when two friends of 33 years, Vince Johnson Jr. and Christina Reign (VC Reign) reached out to a mutual friend who was going into the hospital for major surgery.  Christina expressed to Vince that she wanted to give their friend a scripture to encourage him while awaiting his surgery. Vince conveyed that he wanted to write a song to give to him, as well.  They decided to collaborate and Christina recorded a chapter of Psalms to Vince’s original music for their friend. He absolutely loved it and asked if he could share it with his other friends and family!  

Their  experience with the Lord during the recording of just that one chapter blessed them personally so immensely, that they made the decision to do ALL the Psalms.  They began sharing it with close friends and family members and were surprised by the impact the Word of God delivered in this manner had on them. They knew then that they had to share this project with the world.

Vince has studied extensively on the power of music, tuned to A432 (the frequency in which our bodies are naturally tuned to, promoting healing and a sense of well-being).  With some of the Soulful Psalms tuned to A432, accompanied by Christina’s soothing narration, they knew this wasn’t just scripture to music, but something truly special!


Latest Track

Psalms narrated to soulful jazz music.

Narrated by: Christina Reign

Produced by: Vince Johnson, jr.